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  • Speed up the pace of research and development, universal testing machine market prospects

Speed up the pace of research and development, universal testing machine market prospects

Universal testing machine is a combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology, can be a variety of materials for stretching, compression, bending, stripping, cutting and other performance tests, with a wide range of measurement, high precision, compact structure, Easy operation, stable performance and so on. Reliable, efficient, able to test data on real-time display records, print. Mainly used for metal, non-metallic materials, mechanical performance test, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments of the ideal testing equipment.

With the further improvement of domestic scientific and technological strength, measurement, control, computer applications, all digital and other areas to achieve a breakthrough, how reasonable, safe and efficient application of materials, the mechanical properties of the test is a very important work. Driven by the environment, the testing machine industry has also developed by leaps and bounds. A variety of new technologies, new programs have been a lot of applications in the field of testing machine, universal testing machine performance has been greatly improved, the use of the field has been a very large expansion in the past.

Universal testing machines are usually used in the industrial sector, especially in the construction industry. At present, the state of the safety of housing quality has a strict standard, the performance requirements of the material also increased. Universal testing machine is mainly used for plastic sheet, pipe, profile, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, waterproof membrane, wire and other materials of various physical and mechanical properties of the test, is the most important test materials within the standard tool.

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