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  • The five things plastics ABS should pay attention to during Performance Testing

The five things plastics ABS should pay attention to during Performance Testing

          General performance: from the appearance of the ABS plastic raw materials, it is mainly a aggregate of opaque a ivory color, non-toxic, tasteless, bibulous rate is low, manage to make do can make it according to the features of products into all sorts of color, high gloss, and you have more than 90%. The combination of ABS and other materials is good, easy to surface printing, coating and coating processing. Plastic ABS oxygen index is 18.2, it is a flammable polymers, its flame is yellow, and black smoke, burnt but not dripping, and at the time of combustion will issue a special kind of cinnamon. ABS is a kind of very good comprehensive properties of resin products, in relatively wide temperature range has a good impact strength and surface hardness, thermal deformation temperature is much better than the PA, PVC, its stability is better in terms of size.


Mechanical properties: ABS has good mechanical properties, it has a good impact strength and can be applied to all kinds of cold scenarios at lower temperatures. Even if the ABS product is damaged by external forces, it can only be tensile failure and not impact damage. The abrasion resistance of ABS is better than other plastics. It has excellent dimensions and good oil resistance, which can be used for the bearing under moderate load and rotating speed. The creep of ABS is larger than PSF and PC, but smaller than PA and POM. The bending strength and compressive strength of ABS are poor in plastic. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly affected by temperature.


Thermal Properties: Plastic ABS is an amorphous polymer with no obvious melting point; The melt viscosity is high, the liquidity is poor, the weatherability is poor, the ultraviolet ray can change color; Thermal deformation temperature 70-70 , products after annealing treatment can also improve around 10 . It is sensitive to temperature and shear rate. When ABS - 40 can still show some toughness, can be in to 40 to 85 temperature range for long-term use.


Electrical Properties: Electrical insulation of ABS is excellent and is almost impervious to temperature, humidity and frequency size and can be used in most environments.


Environmental Properties: Plastic ABS is not water, inorganic salt, alkali alcohols and the influence of hydrocarbon solvents and a variety of acid, but can dissolve in ketone, aldehyde and chlorinated hydrocarbon, corroded by ice acetic acid, vegetable oil, etc will gradually produce stress and cracking phenomenon.

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