• Intelligent moisture analyzer
  • Intelligent moisture analyzer

Intelligent moisture analyzer


Product origin :China

Delivery time :10 days

Supply capacity :1000

Product parameter

Weight(g) Readability Range Output data 
0-100g  0.01%/0.001g 0.01%-100% RS232
Heat source Temps range Content show
Halogen lamp 50degree-200degree  Water content percent, initial weight, initial temps, final weight, final temps
Scale size Outline size Weight  Suggested sample weight
Φ90mm  350×200×260mm  7.5kg

 Up to 10g


Intelligent moisture analyzer is widely applied in industry, agriculture, medicine, scientific research institutions, etc. Test and print data of the samples contained free water , such as tobacco, papermaking, foodstuff, tea, feed, grain, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials and textile materials.

Product advantage 
The LCD monitor, easily operate, the data can be printed and read more intuitively.


1. Open the machines everyday periodically.

2. Operated by the specialist.

3. Intelligent moisture analyzer and accessories must be deposit in the dry environment.

4. After testing the accessories should be added wiping grease rust, and remove the rust great before test.

5. When the test finished, the power should be closed to avoid any accident.


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