• Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment
  • Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment
  • Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment
  • Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment
  • Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment

Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing equipment


Product origin :China

Delivery time :10 days

Supply capacity :1000

Plastic tubes of the same diameter and plastic tubes of different calibers can be simultaneously tested and do the blasting test at the same time.

The test system of Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing machine is used to maintain the long-term internal pressure resistance test of the pipe or pipe fitting within a certain pressure range, and automatically stop when the tested pipe or pipe fitting is broken or completed, and can save the pressure curve and print the test report.

The test machine has the functions of automatic constant pressure, electric pressure relief, cleaning and automatic calibration. It is an economical, practical, versatile and highly automated test machine.

Product specification

The XGB-10B pipe hydrostatic testing machine fully complies with the requirements of GB/T6111 and GB/T15560 standards and is suitable for hydrostatic and pipe burst testing of various plastic pipes for fluid transportation. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, high precision, good stability and easy operation. It is a necessary testing instrument for the quality inspection departments of various research institutes and pipe manufacturers.

 Working principle

1) Set the control pressure and range of the main pressure instrument so that the pressure source provides a pressure of 2 to 3 MPa higher than the maximum pressure of the branch and is stored in the accumulator.

2) Calculate the test pressure according to the ring stress requirements of the sample, and set the control pressure and range of the branch pressure instrument accordingly. After operation, the instrument control solenoid valve is fully turned on, causing the pressure of the sample to rise rapidly. When the set pressure is reached, it enters the pressure compensation stage.

3) During the pressure compensation stage, the solenoid valve is intermittently turned on according to the instrument data, so that the pressure in the pressure source accumulator is replenished into the sample.

4) When the pressure of the pressure source drops to the lower limit of the set pressure, the plunger pump will start and stop when it reaches the upper limit.

5) This machine also has the functions of running, stopping, leakage warning, rupture identification, etc., so that the operator can leave the experimental site during the test. When the sample leaks or ruptures, it will automatically alarm and close the circuit. All other tests will continue normally until the test is completed. It has excellent performance-price ratio among similar models and is an ideal product to replace imported products.

Product parameter

1). Pressure range: 0~10MPa (0~20MPa can be specially customized)

2). Pressure display accuracy: 0.001MPa

3), control accuracy: upper limit +2%, lower limit -1%

4) Temperature control range: normal temperature ~ 95℃

5). Temperature display range: ±1℃

6). Time display range: 0 minutes ~ 9999.59 hours

7). Time display accuracy: 1 second

8). Maximum diameter of sample: Ф630mm (can be specially customized)

9). Pressure control system power supply: AC220V, 1.5kw

10). Temperature control system power supply: AC380V. The power depends on the specifications of the water tank.

         Part 1: main frame: Main technical parameter as follow               

NO. Technical parameter Specification
1 Pressurizatized range ≤10Mpa
2 Constant pressure accuracy  <+2%、-1%
3 Resolution 0.001Mpa
4 Timing range 0min-9999.59h
5 Timing accuracy  <1 second
6 Amount of the sample 3, 4,5 and more
7 Dimension of the sample Suitable for diameter Φ16-Φ1200 mm
8 Voltage and power of temperature control system AC380V, 6KW-30KW

                Part2: Testing Tank                                 

Use: the testing tank is used together with the main frame of the hydrostatic pressure testing machine, for offering a constant temperature environment.

                 Technical parameter                                    

NO. Performance Specification
1  Inside dimension


 (The size can be made according to the requirements of the buyer)

2  Temperature-control range Room temperature to 95℃/ 15℃~95℃
3  Constant temperature accuracy  <±1℃
4 Temperature gradient  ±1℃
5 Resolution  0.1℃
6 Heating power  3Kw -20Kw

            Part3: The jigs                                           

Size (mm)  Size (mm)  Size (mm)
Ø20  Ø25 Ø32
Ø40  Ø50 Ø63
Ø75  Ø90 Ø110
Ø125  Ø140 Ø160
Ø180 Ø200 Ø225
Ø250 Ø280 Ø315
Ø355 Ø400 Ø450
Ø500 Ø560 Ø630
Ø710 Ø800
And bigger

  Product advantage

1) It can work continuously and without obstacles, ensuring the integrity of the test;

2) The branches are independent of each other for easy operation and maintenance;

3) Equipped with a separate pressurized water tank, use pure water to add pressure to the pipe sample through the main pressure pump, ensuring the water quality in the pipeline and improving the quality of pipeline parts (such as solenoid valves, needle valves, stop valves, single valves, etc.) valve) service life;

4) Using self-developed, unique pulse duty cycle voltage compensation technology, the voltage boosting link and the voltage compensation link are combined into one, reducing one branch and device, and thus reducing the chance of device damage;

5) Using a plunger pump made in Taiwan, it has low noise, fast pressure replenishment, and short working time, which indirectly increases the service life of the plunger pump;

6). On the basis of instrument control, a PC (i.e. calculator) is equipped, and a serial port is used to connect with the instrument.

a. Pressure time curve can be drawn

b. The control voltage value at any time can be queried in real time

c. Printable output reports

d. It can replace manual duties and automatically record pressure values when unattended (such as at night);

e. The computer can stop working at any time, but the instrument will continue to work.

F. The latest version of 2015 hydrostatic software is included when selecting a PC.


1. Open the machines everyday periodically.

2. Operated by the specialist.

3. Plastic pipe hydrostatic pressure testing machine and accessories must be deposit in the dry environment.

4. After testing the accessories should be added wiping grease rust, and remove the rust great before test.

5. When the test finished, the power should be closed to avoid any accident.


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