ABS resin the biggest application is in the car industry

        Our company attended the 2017 International automobile exhibition last week.One of the biggest gains is the use of plastic and light weight trends in automobiles.Let"s talk about the application of ABS resin.


        Lightweight and "steel by plastic" has become the trend of automobile industry. In the automobile industry, the most used plastic is abs resin.


        ABS Resins is the graft copolymer of polybutadiene rubber and monomer styrene and acrylonitrileA stands for acrylonitrileB is  butadiene ,S is Styrene

ABS is characterized by a variety of polymers, it is a kind of thermoplastic plastic which is widely used in automobile industry, machinery industry and instrument instrument industry

        In order to meet the different requirements of different areas on ABS resin properties, people, process conditions, by adjusting the polymerization monomer ratio and the structure parameters of rubber, to diversify the variety of ABS resin. ABS resin according to its impact strength can be divided into high impact, high impact, medium impact type, etc., according to the processing methods can be divided into such as injection, extrusion, calendering, vacuum, blowing grade, according to the purpose and performance characteristics can be further subdivided into general, heat-resistant, electroplating, flame retardant, transparent, extrusion plate, pipe and other 10 varieties, including general-purpose injection grade ABS resin market capacity is the largest

     ABS Resins biggest area of application is the auto industry.

Car dashboard is important function and decoration on the car, if use steel to do, not only the cost is high, the cutting, punching, drilling, but also need to spray paint and so on more than ten working procedure, and made from ABS resin, a single injection or blow molding.

        One of the difficulties in automobile plastics is the plastication of the exterior panels. The exterior panel includes front and rear fenders, partitions and panels. The material is the largest, and the materials are required to have impact resistance, heat resistance and rigidity. The alloys of ABS resin and engineering plastics have these properties, which can be used as the outer panel material.

Car interior trim is important to the comfort and safety of the car. Modern car interior decoration board is mostly taken shape, appearance is luxurious, use ABS resin generally.

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