Automotive plastics and light weight trends

      Automotive lightweighting is to improve the fuel economy and new energy cars one of the important means of life, in order to realize the lightweight, automotive engineers fluctuation full time is not only in the structure design, on the use of materials and spare no efforts, to ensure that use the most appropriate materials in the right place. Plastic is very popular because of its small proportion, which parts can be used most appropriately, which is a common concern of the automobile industry and plastics industry.

  Both can guarantee the performance of the car body structure, and can reduce the body weight of material, is now in general use in the industry of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics and the density of small material. The use of these materials in the structure of the body, the light weight effect is very obvious.

    In particular, engineering plastics, which are made of fiber reinforced composites, can be reduced by 35 percent compared to steel bodies. If carbon fiber reinforced composites are used, they can be reduced by more than 60%.

    Plastic of automobile, not only reduce weight effect obviously, still have other material incomparable advantage: more plasticity, cost benefit more. The proportion of thermoplastic plastic is more than 85%, which has the characteristics of heating and softening and hardening, which can meet the design and manufacture of various shapes. In manufacturing costs, the use of engineering plastics can reduce procurement costs by about 40%.

    Songya automobile business division was established in 2014. In 2016, the automobile system was certified by Germany's Rhine TUV TS16949, and officially entered the automotive material market. Automotive plastics include: modified PP, ABS, PA/ABS, PC/ABS, PBT, PC/PBT, PET/PBT, PVC, etc., are widely used in automobile bumpers, instrument panel, inside and outside decoration, engine, air conditioning system, lights etc.


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