Buy test equipment to pay attention to matters

Buy  test equipment to pay attention to matters

            Research institutes, quality inspection units, colleges and universities laboratory or related products manufacturers in the choose and buy packaging testing instrument, instrument price, configuration, or after-sales service and other factors affect the final cooperation object confirmation,Guangzhou Xiangli Instrument Co., LTD for you briefly the points for attention during the experimental apparatus of choose and buy:

1. scale

Customers in the selection when purchasing businessmen larger scale of the enterprise, was set up for a long time, or relatively rich enterprise marketing more trust, think it must be product quality is good enough, sales volume is high enough, will have the ability to improve enterprise's image. But the manufacturer should be the quality of the products and services, as the key part of the enterprise has the marketing as a business center of gravity and neglect the quality of the product and update, so the client when the choose and buy, the above factors can be used as a reference, not as a decisive factor.

2. Whether meet the requirements of recent policy or industry standard instrument

In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the new drug GMP certification, as well as 2017 new packaging standard for data integrity and traceability is more important, the customer should confirm when purchasing related instrument equipment whether meet the requirements.

3. Equipment quality and after-sales service

Customers when purchasing instruments should not only consider the price, should also be carefully confirm the degree of different parts of the instrument can meet the requirements, the test data are accurate, instrument operation convenience and full of human nature, also to see the contract written in after-sales service provision and the maintenance cost and other related matters

4. Instrument related certificates

If test instrument can be according to the third party appraisal agency qualification certificate, demonstrate that the instrument performance, can finish the relevant experiments and issue the accurate data, but the customer should take a closer look at, whether to buy the serial number of instrument and the certificate for the recent, rather than the same certificate for another instrument the rest of the year.

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