Five elements of the purchase of tensile machine

1、The sensor.
The so-called tensile machine, the force value is the core word, so the corresponding, the quality of the sensor is very important. At present, the sensors of small forces generally use S-type, and the general use of spoke type of large force, the quality of the sensor will affect the accuracy of the test machine and the stability of the test force value. Therefore, the sensor must choose a good brand. The selected sensor requires high precision, good linearity, and stable and durable performance.

2、 Power system.
Generally speaking, it is the motor. The pull machine industry generally has two motor configurations, one is the ordinary motor plus inverter control, and the other is the AC servo motor plus the matching drive control. The former has a narrow speed range, the control response is relatively slow, and the displacement control is relatively poor. The latter has a wider range of speed regulation, faster control response, and more accurate displacement control positioning. Therefore, it is generally recommended that customers choose the latter configuration.

3、 The screw.

The lead screw is a particularly important part of the rally. The clearance of the lead screw affects the maximum deformation and elongation after the test. At present, the general screw is divided into a common lead screw and a ball screw. The ball screw has high precision and no gap, and has long service life due to friction. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use ball screws.

4、 Fixtures.
In the communication with the customer, I found that many customers don't know much about this piece. This piece has many categories. For example, stretching jigs, this is just a big concept, making plastic film, seat belt, diamond wire, metal material, Rubber materials, etc., are equipped with different fixtures. In this part of the fixture, I think that customers should pay special attention to their specific needs when purchasing a rally.

5、 How to choose

Customers will not know how to choose when selecting fixtures and instruments. We will select fixtures according to the customer's specific situation. We help customers choose the fixture that is most suitable for their use when selecting fixtures. For example, testing instruments, testing quality is only a means, not an end, testing is divided into factory testing and factory testing, as buyers should first understand which stage of testing they want.

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