Innovative application of modified waste plastics in plastic pipeline

1.The source of recycled plastic

  The heavy use of plastic products has become an indispensable part of People's Daily work and life in modern civilized society. While we are producing a lot of new plastic products every day, a lot of waste plastic is also produced in people's work and life. At present, China's waste plastics are mainly plastic film, plastic silk and woven fabrics, foam plastics, plastic packaging and containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags and agricultural film.

2.The significance of recycling waste plastics

   It is an inevitable choice for developing circular economy to utilize recycled resources, and its strategic goal is to build an environment-friendly economy and a resource-saving society. From the concept of circular economy, the development of the establishment of the theory to practice, exploring the people and the environment, the road of the sustainable development of resources, which is to establish a kind of environment-friendly, resource-conserving economy and promote an environment friendly and resource-saving society; Moreover, the realization of this goal will be carried out in all aspects and links of production and life in modern society.


3.A brief introduction to the latest achievements of waste plastic recycling technology

The recycling and recycling of waste plastics consists of three steps: collecting, separating and recycling. The effective separation of waste plastics is the key to realize high quality recycling. At present, the simple recycling of waste plastics has been widely used: for example, the development of waste mother material produced in the process of factory production


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