Testing instruments for plastic tubing

         Pipe products range from sewage treatment systems to nuclear reactors, well casing and household copper pipes. The production of its products needs to be manufactured by forging welding. Different sizes of pipes and applications require many different tests to verify the applicability of the manufacturing process.

  Mechanical test type of pipe material

  1.The stretching and bending test mainly consider the following points

  Test sampleThe whole tube tensile specimen is less than 50mm and is inserted in the sample

  The calculation of the cross-sectional area of the dumbbell sample from the whole tube needs to consider the width, diameter and inner diameter.

  relevant standard GB/T 228-2002| GB/T14452 | ASTM ?E 8 | | ASTM E290

  Sample types: whole tube  dumbbell shape

  Test equipment: XLS/XLD series  Load in the range500N2000KN?Electron tensile testing machine

  Test the attachment: Hydraulic wedge clamp bending jig ,Axial extensometer

  2Hardness test: Rockwell Hardness Tester

  3. Impact  testUsed in the research and development production process the change of material composition and heat treatment technology on the influence of material impact tolerance.


  About this test solution:

  Relevant standard GB/T229 | ASTM E23 | ISO 148

  Sample Type: Notch sample-making machine

  Test equipment:XJU Izod impact testing machine

  Test the attachment: Low temperature test tank can be selected, Automatic sample delivery device, Notch sample-making machine.


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