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  • The development of plastic industry will be driven by the sharing of bicycles

The development of plastic industry will be driven by the sharing of bicycles

         The Internet has become a popular city in large and medium-sized cities, with the concept of "solving users' journey to the last kilometer" and the concept of green environmental protection. Represented by the worship and ofo: Shared cycling in the explosive growth, "little orange car", "yellow", "little blue car" all sorts of color of the bicycle has become the north to guangzhou, beautiful scenery and other large and medium-sized cities, and has a real "like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousand trees critics, pear flower open" rhythm! Sharing bicycles is also a hot topic at the recent national two sessions.

          There is no doubt that sharing a bike with the Internet plus color has become a "pig in the air", making it a high ground for the capital's great crocodiles after the ride-hailing service. Sharing bikes burns money, but it is also a heavy asset industry. And in recent years, also once fiery represented by drops, Uber network, compared to about car sharing bike's biggest difference is that must provide hundreds of thousands of millions of orders of magnitude even in early real tangible bike. By the end of 2016, there were about 200,000 bikes in moby, ofo, and little blue bikes, according to incomplete statistics. The nationwide figures were more than a few million. These cars must be bought with a lot of money to go to a bicycle factory, so there is a saying that it is not the kind of operation that is still going on in the money phase.

          Can the plastics industry get a slice of this emerging market? What kind of a piece of cake? With these problems, recently is closely related to the Shared cycling plastic materials and products representative enterprises has carried on the investigation and research, combined with the market of publicly available information and data, interpretation from multiple levels for the industry analysis related issues, and attempt to glimpse, discuss Shared cycling plastics application market present situation and development trend.


The application of plastic materials on sharing bicycles:

On a bicycle may appear metal materials, carbon fiber, plastic, rubber, leather, paint, etc., the most important part of frame is composed of a metal or carbon fiber, and can use plastic structure including handles, tail lights, tires. Tires, by contrast, are much larger. According to professional development, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomer TPE plastic products co., LTD., general manager of shenzhen plastic king Jiang Dingchun is introduced, the TPE material made by the company as early as five or six years ago has been applied in urban public bicycle operating system configuration by bike, as Shared cycling, they also caught a significant business opportunities well, TPE material successfully get the Shared recognition and application of bicycle tyre production enterprises.He says, a tire if use TPE material production, usage, about 1 kg, the amount of a car is 2 kg, according to the material unit price calculation, stand in a car tire material cost about forty or fifty yuan. And one of the most popular on the market the worship of the second generation Lite version pmtc-jinan bike costs about 400 yuan, you can see the percentage of plastics in the vehicle cost more than ten percent, is an important part of cannot be ignored in Shared cycling.

         Traditional bikes are usually filled with inflatable tyres and the cycling experience is easy and fast. In order to avoid the periodic inflatable maintenance management needs to prevent puncture, the majority of the public bicycle USES solid tyres. Due to the different materials and different experiences, many tire and material suppliers are now working on this block. Materials currently used pneumatic tyre free fall into two categories, one kind is called close Kong Wei foaming polymer resin of special material, similar to some sports shoes sole material, currently occupying 60% of the proportion, the first edition of "worship the bike with hard solid explosion-proof tire materials used for foaming materials, because the material quality, lack of elasticity and result in aseismatic function not beautiful, so the reputation in the market was not so good. The other type of material used to avoid inflatable tyres is TPE, which is considered to be foam material.

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