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  • The interpretation of GB/T 6111-2003 of static hydraulic test of pipe material

The interpretation of GB/T 6111-2003 of static hydraulic test of pipe material

Foreword of Static hydraulic test standard GB/T 6111

   This standard is equivalent to ISO 1167; Test method for internal pressure test of thermoplastic pipe material for fluid transport in 1996 (UK).

   This standard replaces GB/T 6111-1985 "method for determination of resistance time of thermoplastic tube material under long-term constant pressure".

The main changes compared with GB/T 6111-1985 are:

1. Standard name by "long-term constant under internal pressure determination method of thermoplastic pipe damage resistance time" instead of "fluid conveying with thermoplastic pipe resistance to internal pressure test method", hereinafter referred to as pipe hydrostatic test.

2. The test parameters are added.

3. The accuracy of test equipment is improved.

4. The C seal joint is cancelled and the other two sealing joints are described in detail.

5. The sample quantity is changed to 3, and the sample length is specified.

6. In detail, the method and time of the sample state adjustment are specified.

7. The treatment of different experimental phenomena is specified in the experiment.

8. Add to the reference appendix A.


The internal pressure test method of thermoplastic pipe material for fluid delivery

1. scope:

The test method for the constant hydraulic pressure of thermoplastic plastic material at constant temperature is used.

This standard is applicable to thermoplastic tubing for fluid conveying.

2. Normative reference:

GB/T 4217-2001The external diameter and nominal pressure of thermoplastic plastic pipe material are used in fluid conveying(idt ISO 161. 1:1996)

GB/T 8806-1988 Measurement of plastic pipe size(eqv ISO 3126:1974)

GB/T 18252-2000The determination of the long hydrostatic strength of thermoplastic tubing with the external push of plastic piping system

3. Definition:

This standard reference is defined GB/T 4217-2001.

4. Principle:

After the sample is adjusted by state, maintain a specified time or until the sample is damaged under the constant hydrostatic pressure.

During the whole process, the sample should be kept in a defined constant temperature environment, which can be water or other liquid.

5. test parameter:

The following test parameters shall be specified in reference to the relevant standards of this standard:

a. Use of seal connector type

b. Size and piping of pipe material.

c. Test temperature.

d. For the pipe material of the nominal outer diameter dn > 315mm, the free length of the sample is less than 1000mm should be indicated.

e. The sample quantity.

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