What are the main points of the vacuum drying oven

         What are the main points of the Vacuum Drying Oven


              Vacuum drying oven is a commonly used teaching instrument, widely used in the fields of industry, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, colleges and universities, medicine, etc. The vacuum drying oven is also essential in the process of use. Here are some key points for the vacuum drying cabinet:

1、 The true empty box must be grounded effectively to ensure the use of safety.

2、 The vacuum pump should be shut off before the vacuum pump is used.

3、 Remove the treated items, such as handling flammable items, must be cooled to below the ignition point before you can put in the air, so as not to cause combustion.

4、 The real empty box is not explosion-proof device, can't put in the explosive goods dry.

5、 When the electric vacuum drying oven is used, special person should be supervised to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

6、 When the electric vacuum drying oven is not used for a long time, the articles in the working room should be removed and wiped clean. The equipment should be kept dry.

7、 The electric heat vacuum drying oven has abnormal phenomena, should be checked and repaired in time, if the fault is not accurately determined, contact the technical department of the purchasing company.

8、 Do not open the side door when necessary, so as not to damage the electrical system.

9、 Electrical insulation is in good condition, and the shell must have reliable protection grounding or protection to zero.

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