Woven belt tension machine to use or to maintain small knowledge


Ensure that the use time of the woven belt pull machine is longer, and the energy consumption is reduced less. We should pay attention to when using the pull machine or to maintain it.

  1. Before the test, the system must be warmed up for more than 20 minutes to minimize the temperature drift.

  2. The buffer oil should be kept clean and the oil face should be replaced immediately after two thirds of the height of the cylinder.

  3. Before starting up, check whether the friction parts should be lubricated.

  4. Before adding the test piece, you must jam the brake handle, and then release it after the test.

  5. The main bearing of the dynamometer cannot be refuelled. The surface of the friction wheel of the gearbox shall not be refuelled or splattered, the friction surface shall be absolutely clean and shall not be affected by the slant on the swing arm.

  6. After the test, after cutting off the power supply, the test machine should be cleaned and treated in time.

  7. On average, the pull machine is maintained twice a month.

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