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Fully automated MFR testing instrument


Product origin :China

Delivery time :10 days

Supply capacity :1000

This MFR testing instrument is fully automatic type.
It has the self-contained weighing, calculation results functions.
And also can directly read the MFR melt flow rate test results, test data can be stored in U disk.


Fully automated MFR testing instrument is used to measure the fluidity of thermoplastic polymers at high temperature, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene, ABS resin, polycarbonate, nylon and other polymers. It can accord with the GB/T 3682 and ISO 1133.

Product advantage 

1. Fully automated MFR testing instrument uses touch screen operating platform, LCD display in Chinese and English, simple operation, easy to use.

2. It includes manual control, time control, automatic cutting into one machine.

3. Fully automated MFR testing instrument uses industrial PLC programmable controller.

4. Automatic weighing function, automatic weighing, no need to be equipped with electronic balance.

5. Automatic calculating test results, and export test reports.

6. USB interface, the test results and reports can be exported to the USB.

Product parameter

Temperature range: room temperature -400 ℃

Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5

Timing accuracy: 0.1S

Load: 8 degree weight, total weight 21.6kg

Cutting method: manual, time control, automatic

Barrel diameter: 9.550mm + 0.025mm

Barrel length: 160mm

Mouth mold: material for tungsten carbide, long: 8.000mm + 0.025mm diameter: 2.095mm + 0.005mm

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz 0.45KW


1. Open the machines everyday periodically.

2. Operated by the specialist.

3. Fully automated MFR testing instrument and accessories must be deposit in the dry environment.

4. After testing the accessories should be added wiping grease rust, and remove the rust great before test.

5. When the test finished, the power should be closed to avoid any accident.


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