Tensile testing machine maintenance methods and precautions.

The machine is maintained after each use, the machine will last longer and the chances of problems will be reduced. Xiangli Instruments introduces you how to maintain the tension machine and its precautions:

1 The boot sequence of the host and computer will affect the computer's communication initialization settings when booting, so please strictly follow the above boot sequence.

2 Preheat for 5 minutes after each startup, and the test can only be carried out after the system is stable.

3 If you have just turned on, you need to turn it on again, at least 1 minute interval.

4 After replacing the fixture, first pay attention to adjust the adjustable retaining ring (upper and lower limit switches).

5 Especially when testing with a small force sensor, the position of the adjustable retaining ring must be adjusted to avoid damage to the small force sensor due to operational errors. Do not exceed the rated range of the sensor.

6 Do not plug in the power cord at any time, otherwise it is easy to damage the electrical control part.XLD-10KL电子万能材料试验机(Electron tensile (universal) testing machine).jpg


7 During the test, you not possible to stay away from the test machine.

8 During the test, except for the stop button and the emergency stop switch, do not press other buttons on the control box, otherwise the test will be affected.

9 After the test is over, be sure to turn off all power.

10 computers are specially used for test machine control and data processing. Do not install other application software in the computer to prevent the test machine application software from running normally.

11 The computer should be stepped out in strict accordance with the system requirements, and shut down normally. Otherwise, some programs will be damaged, resulting in the software not working properly.

12 Do not use a floppy disk whose origin is unknown or not related to this machine to write or read the disk on the test machine control computer to avoid virus infection.

XLS-20KL电子万能材料试验机(Electron tensile (universal) testing machine).jpg


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